At Dusk

Lake Waban is known for many different characteristics. It is known as a hallmark component of Wellesley College’s topography. It is known as the go-to walking trail for local residents and their canine companions. And it is known as one of the most contaminated bodies of water in all of New England. Unfortunately, it was also known as one of my favorite swimming holes as a kid.

The lake used to be home to one of the area’s finest lead paint factories. That lead paint seeped into the water, provoking the state to classify Waban as a Tier 1A host of hazardous waste in the late 1990s. On the bright side, it looks great.


Harborpoint Classic Cap in Nantucket Red and Forest


Photos by Natalie Rosenbaum, Elisha Lung

Wellesley College

Wellesley College has been a bastion of women’s education since its conception in 1870. The institution has produced powerhouse alumni like Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, and Diane Sawyer. Locals enjoy the college for its picturesque topography and historic architecture.



Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is home to over 3.7 million items in circulation, making it the third largest library in the country, only behind the Library of Congress and New York Public Library. Despite being rich in resources, most people know of the library from its Harry Potter-like study rooms and museum quality frescoes. The relatively dim lighting and the reflective hardwood and marble create a harsh aesthetic for most any photo taken inside. The result is an almost Polaroid quality image. No matter the medium, it is easy to admire this cherished part of New England history!

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Harborpoint Classic Cap in Stone, Barbour Classic Beaufort, Madewell Jeans and Boots

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Photos by Daniel Van Auken

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A beautiful, quaint city located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont was first settled in 1783 and incorporated in 1865. The seemingly quiet and peaceful city is ripe with history and tradition. Beginning in Colonial times, Burlington served as a popular trading outpost with the French-Canadians and others traveling up and down Lake Champlain. Today, Burlington is home to many small local businesses, some, such as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, have become national successes. We had the chance to explore Burlington’s beautiful harbor front and would highly recommend a visit!



Classic Cap in Forest Green, J. Crew button-down



Classic Cap in Nantucket Red, Barbour Ashby, J. Crew Flannel


Photos by Paulina Arias, Malcolm Tan

Lights on Comm Ave

When America was first founded, the Back Bay area of Boston was an actual bay, covered by water. In the 1800’s, Boston commissioned a job to fill the bay with dirt, creating what we know today. Ever since the neighborhood’s conception, the Comm Ave Mall has been an integral landmark. Today, the Mall is famous for its lights and historical Brownstones.


Harborpoint Classic Cap in Forest Green




Classic cap in Nantucket Red, J. Crew bomber


Harborpoint Classic Cap in Slate

Photos by Daniel Van Auken, Natalie Rosenbaum

Snow Daze

When a Boston blizzard hits, snow days are passed spending time with friends, procrastinating on homework, and looking good while doing so (thanks to our Classic Cap).


Harborpoint Classic Cap in Slate, Barbour Beaufort in Navy, J.Crew Sweater



Harborpoint Classic Cap in Nantucket Red, Barbour Ashby, Towel Sweater


Harborpoint Classic Cap in Navy, J.Crew Sweater



Harborpoint Classic Cap in Forest Green, Barbour Beaufort in Navy, Wallace & Barnes Flannel



Harborpoint Classic Cap in Slate


Harborpoint Classic Cap in Stone, Barbour Classic Beaufort, KJP Flannel

Photos by Daniel Van Auken, Natalie Rosenbaum

Life on the North Shore

Massachusetts’ North Shore is steeped with history. Besides being the site of the Salem Witch Trials, the area was also the New World’s largest fishing and ship building outpost. Follow us through Singing Beach and Rockport to get a feel for life on the North Shore.

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Harborpoint Classic Cap, J.Crew Bomber // Smather’s and Branson Hat, Barbour Beaufort Jacket

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Harborpoint Classic Cap in Nantucket Red, Madewell Top, Nautica Coat

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Photos by Daniel Van Auken, Natalie Rosenbaum

Classic Cap

We are proud to release our Classic Cap in Slate, Nantucket Red, Forest Green, Navy, and Stone! On sale now for $25.

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Photos by Natalie Rosenbaum

About Us

From Plymouth Rock to the White Mountains, New England embodies rich traditions, beautiful landscapes, and deep historical roots that make it one of the most unique and wonderful places in the world. Growing up here has been an incredible experience that we want to share with all of you. That’s why we founded Harborpoint, combining our love for apparel with our passion for all things New England. Harborpoint is our way of bringing the spirit of New England to all of you. We hope you enjoy the vibes as much as we do!

Daniel Van Auken

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Growing up in New England, summers were spent on the beach, falls were spent under the leaves, and winters were spent surviving. I’ve always tried to wear clothes that embody the unique New England lifestyle. While there’s a lot of good stuff out there, so much of it is outdated, cheap quality, or way too colorful. Finally, I decided I might as well start making my own.

Elisha Lung


Having been born and raised in New England, the four seasons of this incredible place have shaped the way I view the world. Spending my summers boating and swimming in the Atlantic or local lakes, and my Indian summers among the pines, there is no shortage of adventure in the great northeast. The memories of days spent camping and living in the outdoors, combined with my love of well-tailored clothing, serve as my inspiration for the clothing that I present to you.

Ryan Van Auken


Growing up in New England for me meant new and distinct memories in each season. Whether the memories included brisk fall afternoons playing countless hours of football or enjoying warm summer days on Cranes Beach, growing up in New England is something I am very grateful for.  I could not be more thrilled to be a part of a clothing company that embodies what making memories in New England is all about.

Josiah Lung


Between summers spent beachin’ on the Cape and winters spent skiing glades in New Hampshire, my greatest memories in life have been made in New England. New England represents a rich history, pride, and love for life that I cherish deeply. For me, founding Harborpoint is my way of expressing my love of all things New England and an opportunity to share that passion with you.

Jonathan Hislop


Originally a Toronto native, I have become very accustomed to the New England lifestyle after living here for the past 9 years. I love the changing seasons, passion for sports, and the culture as a whole. It feels like I have lived here my whole life. I am so grateful for all the memories that I have experienced in New England, as well as those to come. I am looking forward to the growth of Harborpoint, and hope that it can become another memorable symbol of New England.

Photos by Carlvin Medar