Our Story

We are two sets of brothers who grew up as best friends enjoying all that New England had to offer. From the beaches of Cape Cod to the peaks of the White Mountains, the region defined our lifestyle. The rich history and traditions established by New Englanders of the past shaped our identity. We always tried to find clothes that represented the New England lifestyle, but often came up short.

Harborpoint Apparel is dedicated to crafting clothes that are quintessentially New England. We use colors that represent the unique seasons and landscapes of the northeast. Our designs capture the activities and landscapes that characterize New England. The fit of our clothes is clean and intentional. All of our manufacturing is done here in the United States to ensure the highest quality possible. We believe in American manufacturing and the opportunities it creates for our neighbors.

Right now, we are hard at work developing these great products for you. We’ve added another great friend to the team for a fresh perspective. Our plan is to release a full product line in the summer of 2017. Until then, we are running this blog to highlight the unique aspects and aesthetics of New England. No matter what New England means to you, we hope you feel a part of the family at Harborpoint.


Daniel, Ryan, Josiah, Elisha, and Jonathan