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The Harborpoint Vision

There Is No Place Like New England

In 1620, when the Pilgrims arrived, it was not all turkey and stuffing. During the first winter, 45 of the 102 settlers died. One thing was clear, they needed to be resilient and innovative to survive. By learning from the tried-and-true practices of the Wampanoag tribe who had been surviving for thousands of years, the early colonists did just that. It was not long before these early New Englanders built a thriving community in this great New World.

By just 1636, the colonists had founded the nation's first public grammar school, Boston Latin School, and institute of higher learning, Harvard University. The New Englanders tackled the future, continuing to resist defeat and fight for a better life. They incited a Revolution, declared independence, and built a country of their own. The innovation didn’t stop there, as they continued to work hard to establish themselves as world influencers. Through their industrious spirit, New Englanders created prosperity for many through shipbuilding, fishing, and textile manufacturing.

The culture of New England is an organic outgrowth of the region. It is determined by its natural surroundings and climate. From the resourcefulness of the Native Americans to the progress of the colonists, New England culture is functional and so are its clothes.

We Live to Celebrate Our Home

Harborpoint Apparel is not just about making good looking clothes, although we certainly want to do that. Harborpoint Apparel is a celebration of a distinct and proud identity that has been forged over hundreds of years of tradition, resilience, and innovation. When people wear our clothes, we want them to be reminded of long days on the beach followed by a lobster roll and fried clams. We want people to relive days snowed in by the fire with loved ones. And we want to inspire many more of those days to come.

Our goal and lifelong mission is to form a cohesive unity among New Englanders that is stronger than ever. We want people to recognize their culture and unique characteristics and appreciate how it binds them to their neighbors.

We see our clothing as an opportunity to express our New England pride. We hope that you connect with our clothing and designs in an intrinsic way. Our clothing pays tribute to the New England culture, tradition, and pride cultivated over hundreds of years, and we hope we can inspire you to support the lifestyle we love so much. We are excited to start this journey and we hope you’ll join us for the ride!