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Our Story

We are two pairs of brothers and four lifelong best friends. Growing up we spent our time playing sports, on the water, and in the woods. As we grew older, our apparel became more important to us, and what we wore became a reflection of what was important to us. And what we’ve discovered through the years is that nothing feels as right as classic New England style.

We have browsed store after store in the pursuit of finding individual pieces that represent our lifestyle and beloved region. We’d always thought about starting a brand that would make clothing we want to wear, and in 2016 we decided why not?

For the past year and a half, we have been building and developing a brand that represents what we love. We started from the ground up, studying the timeless traditions of New England, building relationships with New England manufacturers, working with talented photographers and artists, and designing clothing we love and cherish. After a lot of hard work, we have a line that we are proud to release, and many more products on the way. We hope you see your own lifestyle in our clothes.


Daniel, Ryan, Josiah, and Elisha


Special thanks to…

…Jonathan, the fifth owner, for coming aboard and buying into our vision and helping us achieve it.

…Paulina, for turning our ambiguous descriptions and chicken-scratch notebook drawings into the beautiful designs you see today.

…Natalie, the intern, for training and tailoring our aesthetic vision and tolerating our brutishness.

…Carlvin, for always being willing to take our pictures, even if it means going to the middle of nowhere Maine.

…and all the many, many people who have supported us along the way.